Friday, September 14, 2012

Whats in the name

They say that choosing the right name for your business is one of the biggest decisions you will make. With this in mind I took the time thinking of what to name my bookkeeping business. There were many names that came and went, they just didn't have the catch I was looking for. But when 3 Lions came to me one day I knew that was it.
It met all the criteria I was looking for and also has a link to me personally. Whats the link many may ask. Well I am a huge sports fan and football, the English kind, is a huge part of my life. So it's fitting that the English soccer teams logo is made off non other than 3 Lions.
I also liked the fact that there is a number in the name. After all that is what the service offers. Bookkeepers are all about numbers, as am I, I am a numbers guy. So 3 Lions Bookkeeping ticked all the boxes, the name was catchy, the number made it connect to the service it provided and it also has a personal connection.
As soon as I had the name, the slogan came right behind it. 'We take pride in our work'. Not only is it a true statement but it's also connected to the name. Lion's live in pride's!
This was the first big step I made in starting my own business and a very exciting one. There are many more steps to come but I look forward to the challenge.

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