Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Advantages of a Bookkeeping Service

Small businesses may see using a bookkeeping service as an unnecessary expense that they don't need. However this is a common mistake often made by small business owners.
Below are 4 of the main benefits gained by small businesses using a bookkeeping service;

1. We take care of the paperwork so you can take care of the rest
Many small business owners try to tackle their own books. This however uses up valuable time that could be used to more effect in other areas of your business such as communicating with clients, researching new products or working with employees.
Using a bookkeeping service allows the business owner to stop worrying about paperwork building up or bills being paid of time. It will take a huge weight of the business owners shoulders and allow them to get back to what they do best and that's run their business from the front line.

2. Accuracy
Bookkeeping is our profession and accuracy is one of our greatest skills along with attention to detail. By hiring a bookkeeping service you no longer have to worry about the accuracy of financial information or reports as that is what you are paying for. This can be a huge benefit in analysing your business effectively or in the case of any audits you may receive.

3. Reports
You will be able to have access to a greater range of reports that will help you analyse all aspects of your business. It could be profitability, tracking expenses or which product\service you provide is the most profitable. What ever you are looking to review having a bookkeeping service will give you access to much more information in the form of business reports.

4. Financial Management
Never worrying about paying your bills on time, sounds great right. Well this is what you can gain by using a bookkeeping business. You pay them to make sure all bills are paid on time and also that you are getting paid on time. Cash flow management is what can make or break a small business and with a bookkeeping service you will have a greater chance of effectively managing your finances to help your business grow and succeed.

It may be hard to take that first step in hiring a bookkeeping service and adding that additional expense. But I can assure you with the right bookkeeping company it will not be long before you start to reap the rewards of this service.

Joe Fromm
Owner of 3 Lions Bookkeeping


  1. Bookkeeping is most crucial part of any business. With these services most accurate results can be achieved. This service is most essential for small organizations.

    1. Thank you Alayna for your comment. You are correct in what you said and I hope more small business owners start to understand this.

  2. When you hire a bookkeeping service, you are employing an individual with accounting experience or even a certified accountant. These individuals know how to enter and classify your transactions.
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